Limited Edition with Purpose

Save Our Species collection by Lacoste This is a lovely example of SIT’s Attribute Dependency innovation. The number of shirts (times) the number of the animals’ remaining population.  Lacoste boldly manipulates one of its core internal components; their logo. Another excellent execution of the SIT tool; Task Unification.  Each of the 10 shirts in the collection … Continue reading Limited Edition with Purpose


So, I had written a post titles QR Code BLUE.  However, since then I have secured a new position at TimberTech this past month.  I just received my new business cards and noticed they have a QR code printed on the front. There is nothing specifying where the code sent you once scanned, so I gave … Continue reading UPDATE: QR Codes

Inaugural post

Hello viewers! Well, this is the beginning of my new blog tailored toward my professional interests.  I am a consumer strategist creating blissful unions of people with products. This blog will host my varying thoughts on such topics as advertisements, innovation methods & patterns, marketing methods, social media strategy, and other marketing and design topics. … Continue reading Inaugural post