Celebrity Siri Ads: Poor move for Apple?

A friend shared this article, AdAge's take on the new commercials turning Siri into a silly tool for the rich and famous.  I have to agree with the author on this topic, these new adds are a bit annoying and unrelate-able for myself and I'd say the rest of the 99%. I mean, Hotpacho? Please. … Continue reading Celebrity Siri Ads: Poor move for Apple?

Dr. Pepper 10 macho madness?

Alright folks, I'm sure most of you have seen the Dr. Pepper 10 commerical, but if not take a gander below. Dr. Pepper 10 Commercial I have mixed feelings on the ad.  Its definitely a conversation starter.  Let's start with the facts. This is an example of Extreme Consequence advertising tool.  Showing an absolutely absurd reason for using the … Continue reading Dr. Pepper 10 macho madness?

“The Web is what you make of it.”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4vkVHijdQk&feature=youtu.be This new commercial from Google Chrome is so heartfelt, love it.  It yanks the emotion right from your soul.  I am seriously considering doing this for my own children someday... or some version of this.  The idea of writing to my children from day 1.  Although by the time they grow up, not sure … Continue reading “The Web is what you make of it.”