Limited Edition with Purpose

Save Our Species collection by Lacoste This is a lovely example of SIT’s Attribute Dependency innovation. The number of shirts (times) the number of the animals’ remaining population.  Lacoste boldly manipulates one of its core internal components; their logo. Another excellent execution of the SIT tool; Task Unification.  Each of the 10 shirts in the collection … Continue reading Limited Edition with Purpose

Must we compromise experience for mobility?

It's been a minute, I know — but I'm back! My energy hath been renewed in my stewardship for innovation. MAJOR Innovation sighting recently! Over a Thanksgiving trip to the mountains of West Virginia [ski country], my family and I enjoyed lunch in a small town;  Thomas, WV.  My husband casually wanted to get some … Continue reading Must we compromise experience for mobility?

“The Web is what you make of it.” This new commercial from Google Chrome is so heartfelt, love it.  It yanks the emotion right from your soul.  I am seriously considering doing this for my own children someday... or some version of this.  The idea of writing to my children from day 1.  Although by the time they grow up, not sure … Continue reading “The Web is what you make of it.”