Taco Bell | Cantina Bell

I took a bit of a hiatus from the blog, but I am back!  I was inspired to discuss the new Cantina Bell menu after recently dining at one of my favorite fast food establishments, Taco Bell.

Does anyone else miss the Taco Bell Chihuahua?!?!








While I have not actually tried the new Chipotle-esque menu, no matter how tasty it may be I already know its going to flop.  Here are few other Fast Food Flops which all share the same basic dilemma.   *cough *cough … core competencies people

Wendy’s Super Bar

Now, as a child I did enjoy Wendy’s Super Bar.  (man, those garlic breadsticks were tasty!)  It was a classic choice when mom was working evenings and dad was stuck with 3 kids to feed.  Let’s go to Wendy’s gang!  …But let’s face it, it was a horrible initiative on Wendy’s part due to:  Poor economies of scale… I mean what else are you going to use tortillas and alfredo sauce with on the menu?  Wasted food, and a bar that needed to be fully stocked at all times.

McDonald’s McPizza

OK, although tasty, people don’t go to McDonald’s for a fresh from the oven pizza.  McDs, you can’t ignore your core competency: Cheap and Fast.  (no matter how much you try and force it)  Just imagine how much they spent on all those pizza ovens!  Ouch.

Burger King Table Service

This one is ridiculous, no one goes to a fast food establishment looking for table service.  This golden nugget of an idea was introduced in the early 90s, for dinner hours only.  If all you are doing is carrying a plastic tray to a table, why bother?  I would just feel absolutely silly escorting a BK associate carrying my food to a table.  It would be less absurd if I ordered from my table to begin with…but I’m not going to BK for a dining experience.  So why only offer half table service, Burger King?  Geesh.

So, back to Cantina Bell.  Taco Bell is NOT Chipotle.    Being a former Chipotle employee, I know first hand the amount or prep work that goes into all those fresh ingredients.  Taco Bell cannot successfully offer gourmet burritos in addition to their full menu.  I know those ingredients aren’t same day fresh, Taco Bell isn’t pounding out fresh guacamole at 7am.  Please.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  

The key to success if to be better at what you are great at doing.  Do not try to be mediocre at what someone else is great at doing.

I don’t see Cantina Bell lasting very long.  But we shall see!

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