So, I had written a post titles QR Code BLUE.  However, since then I have secured a new position at TimberTech this past month.  I just received my new business cards and noticed they have a QR code printed on the front.

There is nothing specifying where the code sent you once scanned, so I gave it a test.  I assumed it would take me to the main page on the company website which may or may not be optimized for mobile.  But I was wrong!

Instead of taking me to the company site, the scanned code took me into my phone contacts and entered my contact info, name, email, phones, etc.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The only thing, I wish there was something that told me what the QR code would do when scanned.  Such as:

Scan to save contact”  or

Scan before you lose this card” or

Have you ever lost a business card?  Scan me now.

A first hand example of a QR code that is not a waste of space and is completely helpful.  Yay Timbertech!

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