Dr. Pepper 10 macho madness?

Alright folks, I’m sure most of you have seen the Dr. Pepper 10 commerical, but if not take a gander below.

Dr. Pepper 10 Commercial

I have mixed feelings on the ad.  Its definitely a conversation starter.  Let’s start with the facts.

This is an example of Extreme Consequence advertising tool.  Showing an absolutely absurd reason for using the product, drinking Dr. Pepper 10.  Over exaggeration has its place and can seem clever at times.

Actually, my first encounter with the product was on the shelf on a grocery shopping trip.  What’s this, something new?  I was sold automatically.  I had switched to diet soda for a while now, but still missed the full flavor of the original.  So this was an amazing discovery!  I can still have some of the Dr. Pepper original flavor but only 10 calories.  Win Win!  I then see the commercial sometime later and was shocked by the tagline, “Not for Women.”  I was immediately offended.  Why can’t women seek a low-calorie alternative to diet?  Are men really that self-conscious to drink a diet soda?

I think there is a better approach. I’m a big fan of the new Direct TV commercials showcasing a chain of unfortunate events.  Have a look below.

Don’t wake up in a roadside ditch.

This is an example of Inversion.  The key idea here showing what would happen if you didn’t use the service in an extreme way.  I can see this being a great tool to apply to Dr. Pepper 10.  The “Kind of Diet Drink”.  I envision a dude at a house party going for a can of Diet Dr. Pepper and a slew of unfortunate events result…  OR  …he could have picked up a can of Dr. Pepper 10 and a chain of rather awesome stuff happening during his evening as a result of his social beverage choice.


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